Booking Equipment:
Reservations may be made by phone, email, or in person.  A standard non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental amount is required to reserve equipment. This deposit will be applied to your final rental amount.

Delivery and Pick-up of Rental Equipment:
All quotes are for delivery and pick-up of equipment only.  All tents, staging, and dance floors will be set-up and torn down by our experienced crew. Set up and tear down of tables and chairs is the customer’s responsibility unless arrangements have been made previous to the event.  Additional charges will be applied if equipment has to be carried up stairs, for long distances, if the work crew is delayed, or if equipment is not stacked and ready to be loaded out by the pick up crew.

Normal delivery is 50 ft. from closest vehicle access at ground level unless otherwise agreed to in the contract.

Delivery fees are quoted in reference to the price of fuel at a given time. The price quoted may change if the price of fuel increases/decreases. After a reservation deposit is received, however, this price will be fixed.

  1. Only Masterpiece, Inc. Employees are allowed to move our tents. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. We cannot move the tent once the crew has begun to layout or setup the tent. The client is responsible to be at the site to place the tent. If the tent has to be moved, there will be an additional charge.
  3. Evacuate all tents if the winds develop over 40 MPH; depending on the ground conditions, ropes and poles could break causing bodily injury.
  4. We are not responsible for any damage to underground water, sprinkler, electric or cable lines or other structures that are not marked prior to our arrival. Call Miss Utility 1-800-245-4848.
  5. Never untie stake lines/guy ropes or unfasten web ratchets. These lines are an integral part of the structural safety of the tent.
  6. Never remove any poles from the tent. To do so severely weakens the structural stability of the tent.
  7. Please do not put any nails, staples, wire or any other object through the fabric of the tent or sidewall.
  8. If you remove the sidewalls, fold them and put them in a dry place. Do not allow the sidewall to drag on the ground.
  9. Prior to our arrival for takedown, please remove all decorations and any other items that do not belong to Masterpiece, Inc.
  10. All tables and chairs must be folded and stacked as they were on delivery. Setup and knockdown of each table and chair is available for an additional charge. PRIOR arrangements MUST be made before delivery or additional labor charges will be incurred in addition to the normal setup and knockdown fees.
  11. Festival chairpersons, coordinators or contracted representatives are responsible for passing these rules to all vendors.
  12. The client is responsible for getting any necessary county/city permits prior to set up of any tents.

Linens, Catering Equipment and Dishware:
Any loss or damage to linens or dishware is the responsibility of the customer and the customer will be charged accordingly for the replacement of said item(s). Dishware (including dishes, flatware, and glassware) must be rinsed free of food and placed in their shipping containers prior to return or pick up. All dishware orders are charged a non-refundable cleaning deposit of 15% of the total dishware order. Catering and concession equipment (i.e. char-grills, cotton candy machines, chafing dishes) must be returned clean or a service fee will be applied.